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Barnsley Hall revisited

Barnsley Hall Water Tower sm

A new addition to our bookstall is In The Cuckoo's Nest - Barnsley Hall, Bromsgrove, 1907-1999 by A.J. Holden & W.J. Holden.

During his long service at Barnsley Hall, engineer A.J. Holden gained a unique insight into the development of mental health treatment and attitudes to mental health in general. The book is based on his notebooks, written up and expanded on by his son Bill Holden.

The latter part of the book consists of Bill's own research into the developments at Barnsley Hall during the Second World War when it became an important military hospital. The book offers a detailed account of this major Bromsgrove landmark.

Bill published the book in 2017 and it is available in our bookstall (see fourth tab) at the discounted price of £20.00 plus p&p.

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