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Bromsgrove Land Tax

Land Tax Returns give the owner and occupier of a property and the sum assessed. The later returns also give a brief description of the property.

The sums assessed did not change year to year, so where a sequence of Land Tax Returns survives, it is possible to trace the title to a property from 1780-1832. The assessments are usually in walking order of the parish, but this sequence was gradually disturbed as separate lists were kept of owners who had made a one-off payment to redeem their Land Tax.

The Bromsgrove Land Tax Returns are transcribed here as far as they relate to the Town Yield. (W.R.O. B.A. BA 823)

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# Title
1 Bromsgrove Land Tax 1781
2 Bromsgrove Land Tax 1792
3 Bromsgrove Land Tax 1800
4 Bromsgrove Land Tax 1810
5 Bromsgrove Land Tax 1820
6 Bromsgrove Land Tax 1831
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