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Index to Bromsgrove Wills, 1700-1858

Until 1858, English wills were proved in the church courts. The fees paid by the executors provided a valuable source of income to the bishop of each diocese. The wills of most of Bromsgrove's testators were therefore proved at Worcester and are now preserved in the Worcestershire Record Office. The Record Office has microfilms of all these wills from which copies can be made. The list given here was compiled by Jenny Townshend of the Bromsgrove Society from the typed indexes available in the Record Office search room.

This section comprises a list of over 1500 wills of Bromsgrove residents from 1700 through to 1858.

Use the Search box to search for names of interest. In the 'Record Type' column, W refers to a Will and A to an Administration.

Full transcripts of some wills are also available but are not yet linked to individual entries. They can be searched here.

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Surname Firstname Date Record Type
Culwick Hannah 26 Apr 1774 W
Curtler Ann 30 Jan 1845 W
Curtler James 10 Nov 1837 W
Curtler James 12 Oct 1819 W
Curtler James 17 Jun 1836 A
Curtler Thomas 6 Nov 1834 W
Cutler Ben 14 May 1755 A
Cutler Ben 27 Apr 1754 W
Cutler Elizabeth 5 Sep 1741
Cutler John 13 Aug 1735
Cutler Mary 18 May 1831 W
Cutler Mary 22 Apr 1768 W
Cutler Wm 17 May 1766 W
Cutler Wm 18 May 1776 AW
Cutler Wm 3 Mar 1774 A
Cuttler Joseph 22 May 1727
Dailey Benjamin 9 Jan 1808 W
Daniel Thomas 2 Aug 1823 W
Darby William 7 Oct 1719 ??
Darby, Susanna 9 Sep 1728
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