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The Bromsgrove Society exists to preserve the history and promote the sustainable development of the town of Bromsgrove in north Worcestershire.

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Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy

The Society complies with the UK General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which define responsibilities.

Bromsgrove Society Rights and Responsibilities

1) The Bromsgrove Society (“the Society”) understands and takes seriously its obligation with respect to holding data about its members. It will ensure, where possible and to the extent it can control, that members’ personal information is held in accordance with all relevant legislation.

2) The Society will only hold data about its members for the purpose of achieving its stated aims.

3) It is a condition of membership of the Society that members allow the Society to hold information about them. This personal data will be stored electronically and will be processed by the Society’s officials and its agents as necessary to enable the Society to fulfil its day-to-day functions.

4) No data held by the Society about its members will be passed to a third party without the specific permission of that member.

5) The Society will take whatever action it deems necessary to secure and protect the privacy of members’ information.

Members’ Rights and Responsibilities

6) A member may, at any time, request and be given a copy of the data the Society holds about that member.

7) A member may request amendments or corrections to data held by the Society about them and the Society will act upon such request.

8) Members are responsible for ensuring the Society is informed when there is a change in personal data in order to ensure that an accurate and up-to-date database is maintained.

9) If a member discontinues their membership of the Society, any data held about that member will be deleted from the Society’s records.


Access requests under point 6) above should be addressed in writing to the Data Protection Officer. Other requests regarding the routine updating or removal of data (points 7-9) should be addressed to the Membership Secretary. At present, the Data Protection Officer is Mike Sharpe (rousler [at] bsoc.co.uk) and the Membership Secretary is Sue Skidmore (membership [at] bsoc.co.uk).

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